eautiful make-up, a huge and wonderful array of products that make a girl look gorgeous, get added confidence and enhance her features. However, there are so many women out there who find it very difficult to choose products and lack the knowledge in how to apply it….properly that is.

When it comes to foundations it really depends on your individual skin type on which products will best suit your skin, and our skin is always changing so quite often so will your cosmetics.

The best way to get started if you are new to make-up is to see an expert, there are many salons and make-up stores out there will trained staff that will match your skin type, colour and needs to the products available….this may feel like an outlay but well worth it. You don’t want to be the girl who has an orange jaw line, flaky cacked on make-up and blue eye-shadow….not a good look!

Here’s some tips to get you in the right directions:

1. How To Use Cover Creams & Concealers:

These will cover up blemishes, broken capillaries, freckles, scars or dark areas under the eyes. Apply the cover cream or concealed over the area and blend it in before you apply your foundation. The foundation must be carefully applied in these areas as to not dislodge the concealer.

2. Foundation, What Do I Pick?

Apply a foundation, this can be a cream, solid, thick or thin liquid. It’s simplest form is a tinted powder made in wide range of colours held in a suspension of water, oil or cream. It gives an even tone to the skin.

Dry Skin, Sensitive & Mature Skin Types: Choose a foundation that is oil or cream based

Oily Or “Problem” Skin: Choose a water based, liquid foundation or Matte foundation for oily only

Normal Or Combination: Liquid or solid foundation may be used

Liquid foundations give a better finish for day make-up, unless your skin is badly blemished. It gives a natural look.

The colour should match that of the forehead of slightly lighter.

Apply the foundation to small areas at a time as it tends to dry out quickly.

For a “water-proof make-up mix a small amount of petroleum jelly (Vaseline)and foundation in the palm of your hand, blend and apply as usual. (Don’t use too much “PJ” it will become greasy and difficult to blend on your skin).


Powders are applied next, this “sets” the foundation and keep it fresh looking. You can use either a tinted powder which alters the colour of the foundation or a translucent which gives a matte finish without altering the colour.

Powders come loose or pressed, generally loose powder are used by make-up artist because they are more economical and can be mixed, it’s easier to apply & gives a smoother effect.

When applying a powder take a significant amount and place on a tissue, using a cotton wool generously apply the powder from the neck up, where you have missed natural oils will show through. Surplus powder should be removed with a large, soft brush.

Hope this gives you a great start….remember practice makes perfect and with the right colour & techniques your true skin beauty will show.

Article Source: Skin Beauty! How to Use Make-Up the Right Way!